Sparkles on Spider Webs (project_journal) wrote in nanashidojin,
Sparkles on Spider Webs

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I wasn’t sure how to start this but here we go. I have only had time to write the base story of the fairy tail and have none of the actual pages planed yet. My work schedule has picked up again in the hours department and unfortunately I need the cash. I’m being pulled between my Daughter/Work/Art. My finical situation has become so that I can’t afford to do much else than work, and take care of Lilith’s as much as I regret saying this I have to leave the group. I don’t feel right about not being able to put anything into this especially after calling others out on the same topic. However I would still like to act in some sort of unofficial capacity, like help promoting you guys on other anime based role play communities where fan girls lurk. Also by posting flyers at any conventions I go to with your site/what your stuff is about and if I ever get my own art site up and running again a link in there there. . . Which may take a year given the current time I have L I had to take down my other personal site due to bandwidth cost and crazy fan boys stalking me. I m really sorry to let you all down like this.
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Leave? *_* Maybe after all the chaos clears up in your life, and you have could rejoin us? *tries not to be annoying or pushy* I fully understand the time issue though...I sympathise with you on that >.>

*hugs you and your arts* ;_;
I am sorry to see you leaving us, but of course I understand where you are coming from. Please do keep in touch with us, and know that you are certainly welcome to return later should you wish to.

Do you want me to pull your prints, or keep hanging the three we have for now?

And we would appreciate any PR you do! <3
well, we'll miss you, christine...but it's quite understandable. don't stress about it. if you want to come back, just let us know. :)
good luck with the money making, i sure know how stressfull it can be...