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Ari, did you ever get the DNS password thing so I can change it? I cant change over the site to the new host until you do ^^ Also, ask them how the heck to do it...because I dont know :\

I am having trouble finding a free shopping cart thing that allows adult stuff (I dont want to install one on our current host, because there would be no point O_o) Im looking....but yeah. Everyone's a prude. =_= *keeps looking*

Livvy....tell us more about this magazine :D
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it's called Manga Mania and currently publishes chapters of Love Hina, Chobits and stuff like that.it's a monthly magazine. my old teacher from comics art school is writing articles for them...and at the moment hes reading tons of yaoi for the new one he's writing. XD
so he asked me to send him some stuff to whore us a bit! sweet man he is. lol

did you find any shopping cart thing yet? if not, just put up some samples from the anthies and Ari's contact info or something....